8 Barriers to Organizational Excellence

Quality organizations are driven to improve, to achieve a higher level of excellence and profitability. All quality organizations are hindered in some fashion by the following barriers. To what extent does each barrier impact your organization?  

  1. Weak Processes for Accomplishing Goals - Weak processes lead to poor results. It is virtually impossible to create a high achievement culture without a solid track record in accomplishing strategic and improvement related (tactical) goals.

  2. "Chance for Success" approach - While we intend to have success with projects and initiatives, many organizations do little to ensure their success. There is a big difference between a "chance for success" approach and a "leave nothing to chance" approach.

  3. Lack of Commitment - It is far easier to get support for an initiative than it is to gain commitment. Many Leaders feel they have commitment from the stakeholders when in fact they only have support. Commitment means doing everything possible to bring about the success of the initiative.

  4. Lack of Accountability - Most organizations lack a strong measure of accountability. Goals are set and assignments made without a system of accountability.  Studies show that in world class organizations employees want to be held accountable.

  5. Procrastination - It is entirely possible for Leaders to go weeks, months or years wanting to work on their organizations-make changes and course corrections-only to continue to believe that the right time is anytime but the present.

  6. Lack of Effort - The "Effort Gap" is the difference between the maximum effort an employee can bring to their position and the actual effort they are expending. By meeting the minimum effort the employee has done what is necessary to avoid penalty. Any remaining employee effort is truly discretionary.

  7. Lack of Vision - Most organizations lack a clear, compelling vision that motivates all employees to give their maximum effort. A key part of a vision statement is the organization's courageous goal and descriptive future of what things will be like for everyone when the goal is achieved.

  8. Lack of Concentration - On average, employees are interrupted every 10 minutes during their workday. These interruptions become a barrier to achieving excellence and hinder an employee's productivity and performance.